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SARDA Group consists of six (6) listed companies (NSE & BSE) under the banner and are committed to protect the interests of its valuable investors. We take it as our strategic management responsibility to integrate finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance to enable the most effective two-way communication among the companies & investors (individual & institutional).

The group maintains complete transparency in corporate communications, dividend patterns, business practices and relevant matters of concern, to ensure the flow of information and secure the trustworthiness, at all times. The information on strategy, periodical meetings of the board and other important notifications are communicated & maintained on stringent basis, as a part of corporate governance and fair practices.

the relationship our virtues

A relationship founded on trust, fed with hard work & nurtured over time, becomes an epitome of assurance.

the jewels group companies

Over four decades, the group has established 15 different companies across multiple domains & sectors. We humbly take pride in our work-force, policies and vision towards collectively creating milestones of excellence, standards, people, values and environmental harmony.


the queries the contacts

Kindly get in touch with us, with the nature of your queries and we shall attend precisely. We shall be happy to attend your questions & pointers on investor relations, documentation, complaints, growth prospects & related headers.

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